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It's STARRRRRRRR!!!! [Dec. 30th, 2004|12:22 pm]


[mood |exanimateWondering what exanimate means]
[music |Avril Lavigne - How does it feel]

No, actually, sorry to everyone, but my name is Star no more. I used to own the account "evanangel" but I decided I needed a FRESH start, and I'm so stupid I don't know how to delete entries ^^ Goddamit I'm stupid. Anyway, it's the holidays again, so me and Ails have decided we are GOING to post...I think. Well now I shall run my own journal as well as this one, and hopefully my goddamn parents won't see this or I'll be in big shit.


I wonder what the toll of the people in the tsunami thing is. It's amazing. Last I heard, loads of people had died. This is truly one of the greatest tragedies ever. Thank god I didn't live there. Oh wait...TITANIC WAS A...STUPID....tragedy.

BOO!!!! What does exanimate mean? I'm heading down to Auckland City soon. Shall sit in Borders and read manga. Boredom does amazing things to you. Also I will head to Whitcoulls and finally use that goddamn book voucher...

Curse Ails, she got Simple Plan and Greenday tickets...I shall kill her. All SP and GD fans who didn't get tickets...KILL AILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stab stab*

Spongebob is cool! *little voice inside of me says: no shit*

I am going crazy. Farewell my fellow barbarians.