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This has been a while.. [Dec. 30th, 2004|12:20 pm]


[mood |sadCya TNIS]
[music |Fast Crew- Surburbia Street]

Lol i totally forgot about this been about 7 months since I've posted and since I pretty much have nothing to do here goes. Been a long year, been a pretty good one. I've had one...wish it didn't end but well it has to eventually. Had an ok xmas nothing special, just the usual. And now its Dec 30th so close to 2005.Its been a great year bah i'm really sad now....who knows what to say, Star didn't ask Craig out after all. I liked about 10 other guys since I last wrote, took about 170 photos of everyone on the last day.
I'll leave now, next thing you know I'll be happy and posting in another 7 months.
For now,